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Comprehensive Student Support Services

Contact Information

Student Services Coordinator (SSC):
Corri Ferreira

SSC Clerk:
Kelcie Torcato

Important Numbers:
Phone: (808) 305-9300
Fax: (808) 483-7255

Student Services Coordinator

Role of the SSC
The SSC performs a variety of tasks and activities to assist the school in implementing school based services for all students.

Duties of the SSC Include:
1. Facilitating conferences and collaborating with student team members to identify and address students needs  
2. Coordinating school-wide support processes and initial evaluations on behalf of students and families
3. Administering assessments to obtain accurate picture of student's academic ability

Parent Corner

Special Education - Is it for my child?

What is special education? How is a child referred?
Special Education is specially designed instruction to meet the unique needs of students with disabilities.  Special education may include, but is not limited to: academic services, speech-language services, psychological services, physical and occupational therapy, and parent education. Special education services are provided at no cost to parents. A student may be referred for special education through contacting the school and requesting an evaluation. When a request for evaluation is made, the school will process the evaluation request and provide a written response to the students parent.
What is a SFT meeting? During the SFT meeting the school will:
A SFT, or Student Focused Team, meeting is conducted with parents and other team members in response to a request for special education or Section 504 evaluation.

Prior to the meeting, the school will gather input from parents through a parent questionnaire:
During the SFT meeting the school will:
1. Explain what is meant by disability and the differences between special education and general education and/or Section 504 supports
2. Determine with parent(s)  if there is a suspicion of a disability and if there is a need to evaluate their child for special education
3. Explain the team decision (to evaluate or not to evaluate) to all team members

What is the evaluation process for special education?

A student who is suspected of having a disability is entitled to an appropriate evaluation to determine eligibility for special education. The evaluation will determine the nature and extent of the student’s needs. 
Evaluations are comprised of separate assessments which may include: academic performance, communication skills, general intelligence, health, vision, hearing, social and emotional status, and motor abilities.
If a student is eligible for special education, services are provided to the student through an Individualized Education Program (IEP).

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