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General Learner Outcomes

Equally important to learning academic content is developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes that all students need in order to lead full and productive lives. The six General Learner Outcomes serve as the essential, overarching goals for all of the content and performance standards. The GLOs include: self directed learner, community contributor, complex thinker, quality producer, effective communicator, and effective & ethical user of technology.
GLO 1:  Self-Directed Learner
A self-directed learner is responsible for their learning.  They set goals, create a plan to meet those goals, and reflect on their progress throughout the entire process. 

GLO 2:  Community Contributor
A community contributor understands that it is essential for human beings to work together.  They respect people's feelings, abilities, and ideas, and they follow rules.  An important part of being a community contributor is cooperation and active participation.

GLO 3:  Complex Thinker
A complex thinker demonstrates critical thinking and problem solving.  They use past experiences and knowledge to help them in new situations.  A critical thinker is creative, and considers a variety of ways to solve problems.

GLO 4:  Quality Producer
A quality producer recognizes and produces quality work and performances.  They understand and set criteria to meet or exceed standards.  A quality producer monitors their progress, uses feedback to improve, and perseveres to complete quality products.

GLO 5:  Effective Communicator
An effective communicator is someone who...
  • listens as others speak or when information is presented
  • speaks clearly; others can understand what s/he is saying
  • reads with understanding (comprehension)
  • writes to convey ideas and information
  • observes and makes sense of visual information

GLO 6:  Effective & Ethical User of Technology
An effective and ethical user of technology uses devices, tools, and resources, appropriately, safely, and successfully.  They use a variety of technology to complete projects, get information, collaborate with others, and problem solve.  An effective and ethical user follows technology rules, exercises caution and internet safety, is responsible for devices and resources, and respects others.