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He Pua Momi
The Pearl Child

He Pua Momi is an abstract sculpture carved from hard, black granite that represents a happy child in celebration.  Within the design is the form of a pearl displayed upon a setting and surrounded by its protective enclosure.  The metaphor contained within the artwork is that the mind of a child is like a precious object that develops in a nurturing environment to ultimately become a jewel of great value.
Student Council Officers Student Council Representatives
Advisors: Ms. Tawata & Mrs. Sarpi

Goal for the Year 

Our goal this year is to encourage students to strive to do their best in school and express their voice.

​​What We Do

The Pearl Ridge Elementary Student Council represents the voice of our students.  We help organize community service projects, arrange school-wide activities, and provide input on school decisions.  
We seek to...
  • build school pride
  • encourage positive relationships within the school
  • provide opportunities for students to cooperate and participate in school activities
We focus on:
  • Leadership
  • Service
  • Student Voice
  • Engagement
  • School Improvement
Our committees include:
  • Formal Affairs
  • Porpoise Pride
  • Personal Pride
  • ​Community