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The Squad

PRE’s Creative Flag and Dance Team is an after school program geared to develop aesthetic appreciation and creative expression.  Students will learn various flag/dance routines that will not only build coordination and strength, but also build self-esteem and confidence.  Students will have opportunities to showcase their talents by participating in school performances as well as performing outside of school.

Application and Tryouts

Students in Grades 4, 5, and 6 may apply under the following conditions of acceptance:
  • Class will be limited to 10-15 students.  Students must attend mandatory interest meeting and show up on assigned tryout day.
  • Follow general guidelines describing expectations and disciplinary action in areas of attendance, behavior, and classwork.
  • Parents will be responsible for student’s transportation home after practice.

Guidelines and Expectations

  • Students must show up to every practice on time.
  • If a child is tardy and/or cannot attend a practice, a written note and/or call from parent/guardian is required.
  • Two unexcused absences will result in termination from the team.
  • Students must come to practice dressed in shorts/pants and athletic/covered shoes.  Student will not be able to attend practice and will receive and unexcused absence if not dressed appropriately.
  • Students must keep up with school work and maintain a positive attitude – PRE Pride and Citizenship.  Periodic checks with teachers will be done.  If PRE Pride and Citizenship is not maintained, student may be terminated from the team.
  • Parents are responsible for student’s transportation home after class.